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"After 15 years as a Bellydance professional Daniela has graced us as our Zumba teacher with her talent, fun, energy, smiles, laughter, and sensuousness in every class .

In addition to the classic salsa, cumbia, merengue rhythms and steps, she dances us around the world with samba of Brazil, belly dancing/ Bollywood from India, Flamenco from Spain, high stepping from Ireland, the gentle swaying of Hawaii, good old USA rock’n roll and R&B.

Daniela’s Zumba and belly dancing classes are not just exercise routines to count steps and burn calories. They are joyful expressions of self, through music and movement. We shimmy, we shake, we body roll, we move our arms and hands like delicate fans, we bounce, we step, slide, and rock out.

Daniela has been our lifeline throughout the Pandemic, teaching cardio blast, Zumba, and belly dancing and an extra monthly stretch class on zoom. She records every class to make it available at any time. And she is right there in the room with you! She sends us weekly emails inspiring healthful living, sharing delicious recipes and inspirational messages for our well being and happiness. 

The song Asi Es Mi Vida ( This Is My Life) resonates for many of us saying, “ I don’t think about problems because when I dance, everything else is forgotten “. That’s the way it is to dance with Daniela. She lights up our lives and makes us sparkle!!!!"

Luisa Vargas



"Daniela is an outstanding trainer, a phenomenal dancer and an inspiring instructor. She is a very knowledgeable fitness instructor and personal trainer and her energy is motivating. Our gym closed at the beginning of COVID and Daniela started offering online training, cardio and dance. Her classes are fun and very effective. She is always available for questions and more than happy to give advice. Fourteen months after COVID closed our gym, my husband and I have taken her online classes and hired her for virtual personal training sessions. We have lost weight (I’ve lost 35 pounds, he has lost 16 pounds) and we are in better shape now than we were a year ago.  That was no small feat and it is in large part because of Daniela’s classes, guidance, and personal training. We would highly recommend Daniela to anyone looking to improve their fitness level - she is amazing!"

-Melanie and David 

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