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Daniela Evseev

Dance & Fitness Trainer

Movement has been Daniela's therapy since the age of 18 when she began studying Bellydance. As an insecure high-schooler, she was mesmerized by Shakira's confidence, music, and movements. Daniela's mother purchased bellydance classes for her 18th birthday. It was that first day of dance class that changed her life forever... 

Daniela devoted her life to bellydance while getting her major in Sociology and minor in Business Management at Florida Atlantic University. Traveling across the US and throughout Europe, she studied, performed, and taught Fusion Bellydance. Daniela became an internationally known bellydance artist, helping to lead the movement of fusion bellydance, which mixed bellydance with other styles of dance and music. She also became one of the first zumba instructors in South Florida, certified by Beto himself. Since then, her career has continued to evolve in the fitness industry. In 2018, she became certified as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor, an ACE Personal Trainer, and an instructor for Barre Above, AEA (Aqua fitness) and Maddog Spinning.

No matter what the format, Daniela has found herself and her purpose in life by sharing the gift of movement. Smile, let go and trust her to move you! 

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