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A Staying Sane Secret

So... I've been meaning to share with you one of my secrets... Some of you know that recently (within the past year), I have been inspired to do cold & hot therapy. Thanks to my Russian husband and a Doctor that I highly admire and look up to, I have been practicing cold water therapy and sauna use. It's not an exaggeration, it has been life changing. I am obsessed!

First we began by doing cold showers in the morning. I am definitely a tropical fish, so the cold water was NOT an option at first. But I tried it, actually my husband made me! I hated it but I tried it again, and again, and then my husband made me try it a few more times. Finally it became a habit. It was energizing and exhilarating.

Then we bought a tiny one person dry sauna last spring. It has been the best investment! My skin and my sanity are the top two things it has drastically improved. Not to mention all of the other health benefits (please click the last link to learn more)! But I had no idea that psychologically it would be so impactful. I've also had acne and eczema for many years, my skin has never been softer and so bump-free!

No joke, its like a drug! :-) I go in the sauna for approximately 18 minutes at 80 degrees Celsius (176F) 4-5 times a week. Afterwards a cold shower! BRRRR! But it's like a natural drug! The feeling and release is amazing! I have read you can mimic these results with hot baths... Just research for yourself if your interested at all!

me and my Russian sauna hat

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